Funko POP! Dragonball — Autographed + PSA Verified Chase Vegeta Powering Up (Chalice Exclusive)

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This Chase Vegeta (Powering Up) Chalice Collectibles Exclusive is signed by Christopher Sabat, who is the voice actor for Vegeta in the English dub of the Anime. This Funko Pop is in a Tampered-proof case and the autographed has been verified by PSA, an authentication service trusted by collectors. This package includes:

- Autographed Chase Vegeta (Powering Up) Chalice Collectibles Exclusive Funko Pop!

- Certificate of authentication from PSA (See images)

- Sticker on the actual Funko Pop! that matches the certificate of authentication

- The Funko Pop! is enclosed in a tamper-proof case, which means that trying to open it will cause obvious marks that it has been opened.

This Funko Pop! is shipped out in a very hard cardboard box, a lot of bubble wrap, and a lot of padding. You'll get it in mint condition. Shipping comes with tracking and is FREE Canada-wide.

There is a QR code at the back of the case that allows for in-person verification! 

If you're a fan of Vegeta's ultimate form in the Anime, this is a must-have and unique Pop! for your collection. Get your one-of-a-kind autographed Vegeta Funko Pop! Did we mention this is extra rare cause it's a Chalice exclusive AND it's a chase?