Pre-Order Funko POP! Animation One Piece — Trafalgar Law AAA Exclusive (Chance of chase)

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Chase bundle (1 Chase + 1 Common) available here! 

The common Trafalgar Law is one of the most expensive vaulted One Piece Funko Pop! Couldn't get your hands on one? Fear no more. This Trafalgar Law Pop is an AAA Exclusive with a chance of chase. Known to many as the "Surgeon of Death", law possesses the Ope Ope no Mi (Op-Op Fruit). The captain of the Heart Pirates, part of the "Worst Generation" and an ex-seven warlord of the sea, this Trafalgar Law Funko pop will be a hot commodity! If you're looking for this AAA exclusive pop in Canada (Toronto, Calgary, Montreal, Vancouver), look no more. Get your exclusive pop at Pop Collectibles Canada! 

1 out of 6 Chance of chase! 

This is a pre-order, the estimated time of shipment is August 2021.

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AAA Anime Exclusive! Grab this amazing One Piece Trafalgar Law Room Attack Pop! Vinyl Figure - AAA Anime Exclusive Trafalgar Law is in the midst of his Room attack with a clear tinted water effect surrounding him. And watch for the glow-in-the dark attack chase where he pulls the heart out of his victim! Law comes in a window display box.

Shipped in a premium Funko protector and with bubble wrap!

Cancellation on pre-order pops is free and you will get a full refund!