Aang (NYCC Shared Convention Sticker 2021)

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Funko Pop Name: Aang (NYCC Shared Convention Sticker 2021) #1044

Shocking how it took Funko this long to release Aang actually bending air but this NYCC 2021 has answered our prayers. This NYCC 2021 shared convention sticker features Aang the Avatar using his air bending skills. 

This Funko Pop! stands at about 3.75inches, which is around 10cm. It features the NYCC 2021 Shared Convention sticker (see images) and is shipped in a premium and FREE Funko Pop! protector as added protection. We offer a mint condition guarantee on this Aang Funko Pop!, as well as a variety of different shipping options Canada-wide. Like many Canadians, if you're looking to add to your Avatar Funko Pop collection, you're going to want this Aang Funko Pop! 

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