PopShield Armor (Two-Pack Pops)

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Funko Pop Name: PopShield Armor (Two-Pack Pops)

Got a grail two-pack Funko Pop that you want to give the best protection to? Search no more than the famous PopShield Armor (Two-Pack). This protector features a Magnetic, stackable lid and some of the thickest acrylic you'll ever see. Trusted by collectors that have bought two-packs in the hundreds and thousands, the PopShield Armor is a household name in the Funko community.

With fast and affordable shipping all Canada-wide, get your Funko Pop protectors directly from Pop Collectibles Canada, a trusted Funko partner in Canada. If you're looking to give your 4-inch Funkos the same protection, be sure to check out the PopShield Armor for 4-inch Funko Pops!

Protect your Pops with this PopShield Armor (Two-Pack Pops) today! You won't regret it!