PopShield Armor (4-inch) Premium Hard Protector

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Funko Pop Name: PopShield Armor (4-inch) Premium Hard Protector

Some of the best-in-class protectors for Funkos in general, the PopShield Armor is beloved by Funko Pop collectors all over the world. The PopShield Armor fits any 4-inch (standard sized) Funko Pop perfectly and is made with extra-thick crystal clear acrylic! 

The magnetic lid provides a strong seal and easy access, and Pop Collectibles Canada will promise you that your Funkos will not be scratched when taking your Pops in and out of the protector. The snug fit also means that there's no room for your Funko to move around, making it even better as a protector. The magnetic lid at the top also makes stacking Funkos in these protectors super easy.

If you have a grail and want to put it in the best possible hardstack protector on the market, there's no better protector than the PopShield Armor! 

Pop Collectibles Canada is dedicated to bringing collectors everything they need for their collection. This includes soft protectors, hard protectors, and the best and most sought-after Funkos on the market! Join thousands in purchasing from Pop Collectibles Canada and enjoy some of the best packaging you'll ever see!