Vaulted Vinyl 0.5mm Funko Pop! Protector (Two-Packs)

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Funko Pop Name: Vaulted Vinyl 0.5mm Funko Pop! Protector (Two-Packs)

If you've ever bought one of our two-pack Funkos, you'll know that they come in a premium two-pack protector by Vaulted Vinyl and we got them in-stock just for you!

These premium Funko Pop protectors are what you need to keep your Two-pack Funko Pops in pristine condition and Pop Collectibles Canada can help you get them right to your doorstep. With the 0.5mm thickness, you can be 100% sure that these protectors are going to be protecting your Funkos while being on displayed — from dust, scratches and UV-radition.

Add some Vaulted Vinyl 0.5mm Funko Pop! Protectors for Two-Packs with your order today! If you're looking for some of our other protector offerings, be sure to check out all the different protectors sold at Pop Collectibles Canada!