Premium 6-inch 0.5mm Funko Pop! Protector

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Funko Pop Name: Premium 6-inch 0.5mm Funko Pop! Protector

People love our 4-inch premium Funko Pop protectors and Pop Collectibles Canada is excited to bring in our NEW 6-inch premium Funko Pop! protectors.

Similar quality to our beloved 4-inch protectors (same thickness and feel), these 6-inch protectors will give your pops the protection they need while on display. Giving pops a great look and feel, this Funko Pop! is ethically sourced, UV-resistant (no sunlight damage), and dust-resistant. 

A must-have for your grail 6-inch Pops, get your premium Funko Pop! protectors from Pop Collectibles Canada today. We offer affordable shipping rates and, honestly, the best protectors on the market!  

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