Premium 0.5mm Funko Pop! Protector (4-inch)

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Funko Pop Name: Premium 0.5mm Funko Pop! Protector (4-inch)

If you've ever bought one of our Pop!, then you already know the high-quality Funko Pop! protector that comes with every purchase to ensure that the Pop! do not take any damage. These protectors are made for collectors by collectors.

This is a 4-inch protector (standard Funko size) but if you're looking for the 0.5mm premium 6-inch Funko Pop! protector, we have that too!

These Pop! protectors will be the best soft protectors you'll ever need. Forget about Amazon's cheaper variants, these Pop protectors are 0.5mm and will easily protect your Pops from any type of external force. They also have UV protection and a lock-in-place design that makes assembling them super easy! 

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