Aisha (1900 LE) NFT Release

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Funko Pop Name: Aisha (1900 LE) NFT Release #209

Unleash the power of the Yellow Ranger with the Aisha Funko Pop from Power Rangers, a limited-edition collectible with only 1900 units available. This unique piece originates from an exclusive NFT redemption, adding a modern twist to the classic collectible experience.

Aisha, known for her spirited personality and fierce dedication as the Yellow Ranger, is captured in dynamic action pose, clad in her iconic yellow and white suit. This Funko Pop not only celebrates her role in the Mighty Morphin Power Rangers series but also her impact as a character who brought energy and strength to the team.

Like all NFT Funko Pops, the Funko Pop will be shipped with the NFT Release, Limited Pieces Funko Pop sticker and the Funko Pop box will also be black instead of the classic white. As a limited edition piece with a specific production count (1900 units worldwide), this Aisha Funko Pop is a valuable addition to any Power Rangers collection. The rarity of this item makes it especially appealing to collectors looking for unique pieces that not many others can boast of owning.

Included with each Aisha Funko Pop is a 0.5mm Funko Pop protector, ensuring it arrives at your doorstep in mint, collector-grade condition. Pop Collectibles Canada takes pride in our meticulous packaging and prompt shipping, ensuring that this rare collectible is delivered with the utmost care. Pop Collectibles Canada is excited to offer this limited-edition Aisha Funko Pop, a must-have for dedicated Power Rangers fans and serious collectors alike. With its limited availability and exclusive origin, it's sure to be a highlight in any collection.

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