Albus Dumbledore

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Funko Pop Name: Albus Dumbledore #125

Another year, another Albus Dumbledore Funko Pop! Looking for a must-have addition to your Harry Potter collection? Look no further than the new Albus Dumbledore Funko Pop! This Holiday edition of the Hogwarts Headmaster is extremely detailed and perfect for any Potterhead.

This Funko is extremely detailed and can fit in with any Funko collection. Pop Collectibles Canada ships Canada-wide to places including Toronto, Calgary, Laval, Vancouver, Edmonton, Calgary, and literally every single place in between. If you're looking to complete your Harry Potter collection, you'll definitely want this Pop. The Funko also ships in mint condition, a pop protector, and a lot of bubble wrap in our packaging.

This Holiday edition is perfect for any Potterheads out there!