Alluka Zoldyck (Common)

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Alluka Zoldyck was a fan favourite during popularity polls for the Hunter x Hunter manga and anime and Funko has finally decided to bring her into the HxH Funko line. Alluka Zoldyck makes her appearance as a Hot Topic exclusive with a chase variant. Although this version is NOT the chase variant, it will still likely be one of the most sought-over Hunter x Hunter (HxH) Funko Pops in the vinyl collection line. 

This Alluka Zoldyck Funko Pop! features the Hot Topic exclusive sticker and is shipped in a lot of bubble wrap with one of our many shipping options. We also put Alluka in a really sturdy and premium 0.5mm soft protector to reduce any chance of damage during shipping. All products are shipped in mint condition! 

If you're looking to complete your Hunter x Hunter Funko Pop! line or to add another Zoldyck to the mix, you'll want to get this common Alluka Zoldyck at Pop Collectibles Canada Today!