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We are not done with the series Legend of Korra yet, not without the Leader of the Equalists, Amon! 

Amon was in fact a water-bender named Noatak who was trained by his father, Yakone, to be a bloodbender. Yakone wished to pass this technique along to Noatak in order to get revenge on Aang for taking away his bending. He is also the mysterious leader of an anti-bender revolutionary group known as the Equalists. Their ultimate goal was to introduce equality for all by permanently ridding the world of benders. 

His great contrast to all Avatar Funko Pop makes him stand out and the fact that he is the few antagonist who got a Pop created. Shipped in mint condition and in a FREE 0.5mm premium Funko Pop! protector to put extreme care to Amon. We have affordable shipping options to make every Avatar Fans come to life nationwide!