Aoi Kanzaki - Common

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This Aoi Kanzaki Funko Pop is a pre-order item set to arrive in June 2024, subject to change by Funko. With that said, Pop Collectibles Canada (the best place to get Funko Pops in Canada) has a FREE pre-order cancellation policy!

Although she's not one of the main characters or a character that people thought would be getting a Funko Pop, Aoi Kanzaki is arriving in the Demon Slayer Funkoverse and we think this is still a great Funko! This Funko Pop has both a common and chase variant, although this item in particular is the common variant that features Aoi in her classic Demon Slayer corp attire. For fans that like to complete the entire line, you're going to want to add this Aoi Kanzaki Funko Pop to your collection.

This Funko Pop is only the COMMON variant. If you're interested in both the common and the chase, be sure to check out our other listing!

This Aoi Kanzaki Funko Pop joins the latest wave of Demon Slayer Funko Pops that includes Daki, Tanjiro (Infiltration), Inosuke (infiltration)Zenitsu (Infiltration), Tengen, Makio, Suma, Muscle Mouse, and Hinatsuru!

With Pop Collectibles Canada's Canada-wide shipping, you don't have to worry about us not being able to get these products to you. We ship with extra care because we understand how important the condition of the Funko Pop is, and you have our promise that we will never ship you anything that our team of collectors would not purchase ourselves! We're so sure of our packing skills that we'll even offer a mint condition guarantee on this Funko Pop. The Funko Pop itself will also be shipped in a 0.5mm Funko Pop protector for added protection

Complete your Demon Slayer Funko Pop collection by adding this Aoi Kanzaki Funko Pop today!