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 Anyone looking for a travel companion? Or a mode of transportation to avoid heavy traffics? Appa is here to take your collections anywhere! 

Appa is one of the coolest unsung heroes in Avatar: The Last Airbender. The first interaction between Aang and Appa was him presenting Appa with an apple as a sign of friendship. Appa graciously accepts the gift, sealing the bond between them. Aang then names Appa, which he chose as a variation of the word apple. Destiny was in control as the two quickly became best friends. 

All our Funko Pop! are handled with extreme care because we know the condition for these figures is key. We ensure that the box is mint quality by our standards and use a premium 0.5mm Pop! protector to ensure that the product has protection from us to yours! There's a bunch of shipping options to choose from so wherever you are in Canada, we are taking every animation, and collection to life!