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Funko Pop Name: Azula (Special Edition) — Common #1079

The only firebender in "Avatar: The Last Airbender" to have the ability to bend blue flames instead of the classic orange flames, Azula can be considered one of the strongest firebenders to have walked the series. Azula and her recognizable blue flames make an appearance in a new, special edition Funko Pop featuring the young princess propelling herself using her signature flames. Blue flames are scientifically known to be hotter and saying that this pop is fire is not too far from the truth. 

Perfect for any Avatar fans, you'll want to add this mint condition Azula Funko Pop to your collection. Shipped in a FREE premium, custom-made Funko Pop protector, this Azula will be protected from both external shipping damages and UV radiation from the sun. You can check out our reviews but we can promise you — if your package was packed by someone at Pop Collectibles Canada, you'll experience some of the best packagings you'll ever see your Funko get shipped in! 

Please note that this Funko is shipped with the Special Edition sticker, not the Big Apple collectibles sticker! 

Complete your Avatar Funko collection by adding this Azula special edition Funko Pop!