Beerus Eating Noodles (Hot Topic Exclusive)

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Funko Pop Name: Beerus Eating Noodles (Hot Topic Exclusive) #1110

The strongest God of Destruction in the Dragon Ball universe has made another appearance in the Funkoverse — this time, he's chowing down on some delicious ramen noodles from Earth. Since his appearance in the Dragon Ball franchise, Beerus has been a fan favorite thanks to his chillax behavior. A must-have for Dragon Ball fans everywhere, this Hot Topic exclusive will look great in any type of Funko collection.

This Beerus Funko Pop! is shipped with the limited edition, Hot Topic exclusive sticker. Shipped in mint condition and in a custom, premium Funko Pop protection, the staff at Pop Collectibles Canada will ensure that what you'll receive is collector's grade. 

If you're looking to complete or start a Dragon Ball Funko Pop collection, let Pop Collectibles Canada help you with it!