Bloody Battle Levi (AE Exclusive)

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Probably the greatest Funko released in the Funkoween 2022 Attack on Titan releases, Bloody Levi is here to save the day and bring that sense of hope to your Funko Pop collection! A Funko adaptation of the famous Levi fight, this Funko Pop features the captain with blood running down his face, his two blades out, and the dust trail showcasing Levi's signature speed! This Funko is a must-have for Attack on Titan Funko collectors, especially with how limited this Funko will be! 

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Shipped in mint condition and a premium, custom-made Funko Pop protector, this Bloody Levi Funko Pop features the AE Exclusive Sticker (NOT the special edition sticker). A must-have for fans everywhere, Pop Collectibles Canada is committed to providing the best possible customer experience! With our many shipping options available, we'll be able to get you the Funkos regardless of where you are in North America! 

If you had to buy one Attack on Titan (AoT) Funko Pop, we would highly recommend this AE Exclusive Blood Levi Funko Pop! Complete your Attack on Titan Funko Pop collection at Pop Collectibles Canada!