Blue Eyes Toon Dragon (Gamestop Metallic Exclusive) T-shirt Bundle

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The Blue-Eyes White Dragon is probably one of the most recognizable Yu-Gi-Oh! cards in the entire series — alongside the Egyptian gods, Exodia, and the Dark Magician. Over the years, there were countless spinoffs of the White Dragon, including the Blue-Eyes Toon Dragon! The Toon World dragon has once again returned to the Yugioh Funkoverse in the latest Gamestop exclusive t-shirt bundle, which features the metallic-finish Blue-Eyes Toon Dragon Funko Pop, as well as a t-shirt of your size! 

This Funko Pop ships with the exclusive Gamestop sticker and ships unopened, directly from Gamestop. The bundle includes the Funko Pop (which will be collector-grade), as well as a t-shirt showing off the Blue-Eyes Toon Dragon! Pop Collectibles Canada ships Canada-wide at very affordable prices and we have thousands of collectors across the country that can attest to our stellar packaging. We'll even send this bundle with a 0.5mm Funko Pop protector, as added protection for when you are displaying this Funko on the shelf.

If you're a fan of Yugioh (Yu-Gi-Oh!), add this Blue-Eyes Toon Dragon to your Funko Pop collection. Complete your Yu-Gi-Oh! Funko Pop collection at Pop Collectibles Canada — join the journey to becoming the king of games!