BMO (Kiss My Cook)

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Adventure Time characters have finally decided to join their companions in the Funko world — and BMO isn't planning to miss out. BMO has been many things for Finn... he was a friend, a video game console, an electrical outlet, an alarm clock, a soccer player, and even a chef. In this variant of the BMO Funko Pop, we have BMO in his chef form and wearing the "Kiss my Cook" apron! 

This BMO Funko Pop! is shipped in some of the best packaging you'll ever see. Shipped in mint condition and in a FREE premium, custom 0.5mm Funko Pop protector to protect it from any external damage as we ship him anywhere in Canada at cost-effective rates. Talking to some of our customers, Pop Collectibles Canada offers some of the cheapest rates for shipping Funkos in the quality we do ship them in — a lot of bubble wrap and stuffing. I mean, we have thousands of customers across Canada for a reason!

You really, like, REALLY don't want to miss out on the most adorable, and trusted best friend of Finn and Jake, so give that button up there a click and have BMO added to your Adventure Time Funko collection!