Boa Hancock

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Funko Pop Name: Boa Hancock #330

This is the 2023 release of the Funko Pop and will ship in September 2023!

The "Pirate Empress" Bao Hancock is the Captain of the famous Kuja Pirates and former Warlord of the Sea along with favorites such as Crocodile and Jinbei. The snake princess of Amazon Lily makes her first appearance in the One Piece Funkoverse in her classic outfit recognized by many. This Funko Pop stands at around 10cm (3.75-inches) and ships in a FREE premium Pop Collectibles Funko Pop protector. This Funko Pop! will always be shipped in mint condition and in the best packaging. Trusted by many in Canada, Pop Collectibles Canada offers a variety of shipping methods and is one of the go-to spots for Funko collectors everywhere! 

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