Boastful Loki (WonderCon 2022 Shared Convention Exclusive)

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Supposedly having assembled all six infinity stones, boastful Loki shows much pride in his accomplishments in the Marvel Cinematic Universe (as part of the Disney Original Series — Loki). This Loki was one of the only Lokis that did not appear in the original line of Loki Funko Pop and exclusive, and now we know why. Boastful Loki makes his first appearance in the Marvel Funkoverse in this shared convention WonderCon 202 exclusive.

This Boastful Loki Funko Pop ships with the WonderCon 2022 shared convention exclusive sticker. We, at Pop Collectibles Canada, care about the condition the Funko Pops are in, so we promise that every Funko we ship will be collector-grade and shipped in a premium 0.5mm Funko Pop protector for added protection.

If you're a fan of Marvel and the MCU, you'll want to add this Boastful Loki exclusive Funko Pop to your Loki collection and give it that spark of confidence you need! This is a limited-time Funko Pop, so be sure to grab yours before they go out of stock!