Boruto (Glow-in-the-dark) Entertainment Earth Exclusive

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Probably our team's favorite Boruto Funko Pop to date, Entertainment Earth wow'd all Naruto and Boruto fans with this glow-in-the-dark Boruto exclusive Funko Pop! This Funko features the young protagonist and son of the seventh Hokage (Naruto Uzumaki) in one of the very first scenes of the hyped Anime and Manga. Boruto Uzumaki is shown kneeling on the ground, his Tenseigan, Sasuke's leaf headband, and his sword — in a battle-ready stance. This is the perfect Funko to be placed beside the equally-as-hyped Kawaki Glow-in-the-dark Hot Topic exclusive.

Probably going to be highly sought after by fans from all around Canada, this Funko is also the glow-in-the-dark version of the common variant of the Funko. This Funko ships in collector-grade edition (no creases, dents, etc.) and some of the best packaging you'll ever see your Funkos arrive in. This Funko also includes the Entertainment Earth sticker (NOT Special Edition) and the Glow in the dark sticker. To further protect the Funko, Boruto is also shipped in a custom-made Funko pop protector — so you can bet that there won't be any damage taking place during shipping. The protector is 0.5mm thick and also protects the pop from UV rays that come from the sun (in case your collection is sitting near a window).

If you're a fan of Boruto or Naruto, you'll definitely want this Glow-in-the-dark Boruto with the Entertainment Earth Exclusive sticker. This is the perfect addition to any Boruto or Naruto Funko Pop collection

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