Bulma in Bunny Costume (FYE Exclusive)

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Step into the world of Dragon Ball with the Bulma in Bunny Costume Funko Pop, an FYE Exclusive that captures one of Bulma's most iconic looks. This collectible features Bulma dressed in her playful and memorable bunny costume, a nod to her adventurous and spirited personality. The figure showcases Bulma's vibrant blue hair and signature style, complete with the bunny ears and tail, making it a standout addition to any Dragon Ball Z collection.

This Bulma Funko Pop comes with the FYE Exclusive sticker (NOT the special edition one). At Pop Collectibles Canada, we understand the importance of preserving these special figures — that's why each Bulma in Bunny Costume Funko Pop is carefully protected with a 0.5mm Funko Pop protector, ensuring it reaches you in perfect, collector-grade condition. Our commitment to quality includes a meticulous inspection process, ensuring that your figure meets the high standards of Dragon Ball Z fans and Funko collectors. With Pop Collectibles Canada's reliable and efficient Canada-wide shipping, acquiring this FYE Exclusive is seamless and secure. There's a reason why thousands of Dragon Ball Z collectors trust us with their Funko Pops in Canada.

Whether you're an avid fan of Bulma's character or a dedicated collector of exclusive Funko Pops, this Bulma in Bunny Costume figure is a delightful addition. Add a touch of Bulma's charm and flair to your Dragon Ball Z Funko Pop collection today.