Burter (Glow) Entertainment Earth Exclusive

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Elevate your Dragon Ball Z collection with the Burter Funko Pop, a glow-in-the-dark Entertainment Earth Exclusive that perfectly captures the essence of the fastest member of the infamous Ginyu Force. Known for his incredible speed and blue skin, Burter is portrayed in his classic Frieza Force armor, ready to leap into action. When the lights are turned off, this special Funko Pop reveals its extraordinary glow-in-the-dark feature, symbolizing Burter's lightning-fast movements and dynamic fighting style. This unique attribute adds a striking visual element to your collection, showcasing Burter's prowess in a new and exciting way. Burter joins the other Ginyu force members in the Dragon Ball Z Funkoverse like Recoome, Guldo, Captain Ginyu and Jiece!

As an Entertainment Earth Exclusive, this Burter Funko Pop comes with both the Entertainment Earth sticker and the glow-in-the-dark sticker, marking it as a rare and collectible item. At Pop Collectibles Canada, we ensure that your figure is protected and preserved in top condition. Each Burter Funko Pop is shipped in a 0.5mm Vaulted Vinyl protector, guaranteeing its arrival in mint condition. Our commitment to delivering the highest quality collectibles is reflected in our careful inspection process, ensuring that every figure meets the exacting standards of Dragon Ball Z fans and Funko collectors.

Complete your Ginyu Force lineup or start your Dragon Ball Z collection with this exceptional Burter (Glow) Entertainment Earth Exclusive Funko Pop. Available at Pop Collectibles Canada, it's the perfect addition for collectors seeking unique pieces with a touch of exclusivity and flair.