Chewbacca (Facet) Funko Shop Exclusive

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This Chewbacca (Facet) Funko Shop Exclusive Funko Pop is a pre-order for November 17th, 2023! Pre-order cancellations at Pop Collectibles Canada are always free! Order risk-free today and complete your Star Wars Funko Pop collection.

Journey to a galaxy far, far away, but with a modern twist, introducing the Facet Chewbacca Funko Pop! This Funko Shop Exclusive embraces Chewie's iconic Wookiee look while infusing it with geometric, faceted artistry. Every angular edge and sleek line pays homage to the beloved co-pilot's furry nature while portraying him in an unprecedented, contemporary fashion. If you're a fan of the Star Wars franchise, you're not going to want to miss out on this Chewbacca Funko Pop! Chewbacca joins R2-D2 and Darth Vader in the latest line of facet Star Wars Funkos.

This Chewbacca (Facet)  Funko Pop will be shipped with the Funko Shop Exclusive sticker. Choosing Pop Collectibles Canada means diving into the Star Wars universe in an avant-garde style. Nestled in our premium 0.5mm Funko Pop protector, Facet Chewbacca guarantees to be a standout in your collection in collector-grade quality. With dedicated Canada-wide shipping and meticulous inspection, you're assured of a Star Wars relic in unparalleled condition.

All these highlights and benefits are the reason why thousands of collectors choose to exclusively shop at Pop Collectibles Canada — the best place to get Funko Pops in Canada!!

Whether you're a longtime Star Wars aficionado or a lover of artistic interpretations, this piece is for you. Elevate your Star Wars Funko Pop collection by purchasing this innovative Chewbacca (Facet) Funko Shop Exclusive Funko Pop vinyl figure today!