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This Chimchar Funko Pop is scheduled to be shipped in June 2024! Pre-order cancellations are always FREE at Pop Collectibles Canada!

Ignite your Pokémon Funko Pop collection with the Chimchar Funko Pop, a fiery addition that captures the spirited and mischievous nature of the beloved Fire-type starter Pokémon. Known for its playful personality and the flame that burns brightly at the tip of its tail, Chimchar is depicted in a joyful pose, showcasing its energetic spirit and readiness for adventure. This Chimchar Funko Pop joins Greninja and Snubbull in the latest Pokemon Funko Pop wave! 

Available at Pop Collectibles Canada, the Chimchar Funko Pop is perfect for trainers and collectors alike who cherish the early stages of a Pokémon's journey and the potential for growth and evolution. Protected with a 0.5mm Funko Pop protector, we ensure it arrives in mint, collector-grade condition, demonstrating our commitment to quality through meticulous packaging and reliable Canada-wide shipping. This figure promises to bring a touch of adventure and the fiery spirit of Pokémon battles to your collection.

Complete your Pokémon Funko Pop collection by adding the playful and fiery Chimchar Funko Pop to your collection today.