Dark Magician Girl (NYCC 2023 Fall Shared Convention Exclusive)

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This Dark Magician Girl (NYCC 2023 Fall Convention Exclusive) Funko Pop is a pre-order item for mid/late November 2023! Once the products arrive, we'll ship them out immediately! Just remember, pre-order cancellations are always free at Pop Collectibles Canada — you'll just need to contact us before the item comes in stock!

Step into the magical realm of Yu-Gi-Oh! with the enchanting Dark Magician Girl Funko Pop! A fan-favourite, this spellcaster captures hearts not only with her potent spells but also her spirited charm and vibrant design. Boasting her iconic blue and pink attire, wide-brimmed hat, and the spellbook at the ready, this figure encapsulates her lively essence straight from the anime and card game. This is the perfect Funko Pop to be standing beside some other notable duel monsters including Summoned SkullKuriboh, and the Time Wizard!

When you secure your Dark Magician Girl with Pop Collectibles Canada, you're not just adding a new Pop to your collection; you're reliving the duels and strategic plays of the Yu-Gi-Oh! series.

This Funko Pop will be shipped with the limited-edition NYCC 2023 Shared Convention Exclusive sticker (NOT the convention sticker). Each figure is protected with our FREE 0.5mm Funko Pop protector that were specifically designed to protect our products during the shipping process — ensuring the Dark Magician Girl remains in mint condition. Benefit from our trusted Canada-wide shipping, knowing that every Funko we dispatch has undergone thorough inspection by our dedicated team of collectors.

Whether you're recalling the intensity of shadow games or celebrating the lighter moments of the Yu-Gi-Oh! world, Dark Magician Girl serves as a perfect tribute to those memories. Complete your Yu-Gi-Oh! Funko Pop collection by adding the spellbinding Dark Magician Girl (NYCC 2023 Fall Convention Exclusive) Funko Pop to your set today!