Darth Vader (Funko Shop Exclusive) Die-Cast with Chance of Chase

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Funko Pop Name: Darth Vader (Funko Shop Exclusive) Die-Cast with Chance of Chase #02

The second Star Wars Die-Casted Funko joins the Funkoverse in the latest Darth Vader Die-Cast Funko Pop! This Funko ships directly from Funko HQ and includes a really nice metallic finish to the Funko Pop. Since this is a die-casted Funko Pop, the weight of this Funko is a bit more than your average 4-inch Funko Pop and there's also a chance of chase with this purchase at Pop Collectibles Canada. Boba Fett Die-Cast was a huge hit with Star Wars fans and we can't believe Funko released the iconic Darth Vader too! 

If you're a Star Wars Funko collector, you're going to want to add this iconic and mesmerizing Funko Pop to your collection. The Funko ships as it is received, so even our staff at Pop Collectibles Canada isn't sure if you're going to get the 1/6 chance of chase. What we can promise you is that this will be some of the best packaging you'll ever receive a Funko Pop in. 

There's a reason why thousands of collectors choose Pop Collectibles Canada for all their Funko needs!