Deku Full Cowl (Entertainment Earth exclusive)

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When using Full Cowl his reflexes and movement speed elevates to higher levels; At 100% his speed rises to levels rivaling or even surpassing that of All Might, which allows him to casually blitz capable villains and move several times faster than the eye can see.  

When Izuku activates Full Cowl, red, vein-like lines course throughout his body that coincides with the energy flowing through him. When fully active, his body and eyes start to glow with a green, bio-electric aura.

You know what's exciting about this Deku Funko Pop! aside from being an Entertainment Earth exclusive? Just like when Deku uses Full Cowl, this Funko Pop is a Glow-In-The-Dark Figure! Standing 10 cm tall and in a window display box, this will surely throw you off Funkoverse! Shipped with a FREE 0.5mm premium Funko Pop! protector and in guaranteed mint condition to avoid damages during shipping. Speaking of shipping, we have the best affordable shipping options exclusively for you, take note: Canada-wide! 

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