Deku in Onesie (EB Games Exclusive Sticker)

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This version of Midoriya Izuku (Deku) from My Hero Academia only appears in one episode of the anime but it has left a mark on viewers for episodes and seasons to come. Deku in Onesie features Deku in an adorable All Might Onesie when he was growing up. Little did he know that he will someday become the number one hero, just like his role model — All Might.

This Deku in Onesie is an EB Games (Gamestop Canada) exclusive Funko Pop! and includes the EB Games version of the sticker. It is in mint condition and ships in a premium 0.5mm Funko Pop! protector. The Funko Pop! itself stands at a height of 3.75-inches or around 10cm. 

If you're a fan of My Hero Academia, you're going to want to add this Deku in Onesie Funko Pop! to your collection today. Shop now at Pop Collectibles Canada!