Echo (Hot Rod) Funko Shop Exclusive

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Funko Pop Name: Echo (Hot Rod) Funko Shop Exclusive #913

Overwatch 2 fans can rejoice as the series gets a new wave of Funko Pops! Introducing the cutting-edge Echo in her "Hot Rod" skin from the widely-anticipated Overwatch 2, presented as a Funko Shop Exclusive Pop! Dive into the thrilling world of Overwatch with Echo, whose advanced robotics and A.I. abilities illuminate the game’s futuristic universe. This limited-edition Funko Pop flaunts Echo in a ravishing red "Hot Rod" skin, illustrating her sleek design and combat-ready stance, thereby enhancing any Overwatch collection with its distinctive aesthetics. 

Your Echo (Hot Rod) Funko Pop comes adorned with the Funko Shop Exclusive sticker, signalling its rarity and unique design. With her aggressive red exterior, contrasting beautifully against the silvery accents, this figure is not merely a collectible but a piece of Overwatch history that vividly brings the in-game experience into the tangible world.

When you secure your Echo Funko Pop with Pop Collectibles Canada, not only are you acquiring a piece of exclusive Overwatch memorabilia, but you are also ensuring it reaches you in impeccable condition. With our complimentary 0.5mm Funko Pop protector, and renowned Canada-wide shipping, we prioritize the safety and integrity of your collectibles during transit. Rely on our diligent team, who hand-inspects each Funko to meet our strict quality standards, providing you a hassle-free collecting experience.

Elevate your Overwatch 2 Funko Pop collection and cherish a piece of the action-packed digital universe by adding Echo (Hot Rod) to your ensemble today!