Eddie (Blacklight) Entertainment Earth Exclusive

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Elevate your Stranger Things Funko Pop collection with the electrifying Eddie on his guitar, a Blacklight, Entertainment Earth Exclusive. This dynamic figure captures the essence of Eddie's character – a passionate and rebellious spirit, now immortalized as he rocks out on his guitar. Under blacklight, this Funko Pop truly comes alive, reflecting Eddie's vibrant energy and the eerie, otherworldly atmosphere of the Upside Down. If you're a fan of the Blacklight series Funko Pops, you're definitely going to love this Eddie Funko Pop.

This Funko Pop will ship with the Entertainment Earth Exclusive Funko Pop sticker. At Pop Collectibles Canada, we understand the importance of preserving these iconic figures. That's why Eddie is shipped in a protective 0.5mm Funko Pop protector, ensuring he arrives in mint condition. We promise that all Funko Pops are manually inspected before we ship them out and our shipping is top-tier. With Pop Collectibles Canada's reliable and efficient Canada-wide shipping, this Entertainment Earth Exclusive can be yours, ready to add some rock and roll flair to your Stranger Things collection.

Complete your Stranger Things Funko Pop collection by adding this must-have Eddie (Blacklight) Entertainment Earth Exclusive Funko Pop today!