Eight Gates Might Guy (Chalice Collectibles Exclusive) Glow-in-the-dark

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As one of the strongest characters in all of Naruto, Might Guy in his Eight Gates form even gives Sage Mode Madara a run for his money! This firey version of the taijutsu prodigy rushes into the Naruto Funkoverse in the latest glow-in-the-dark Chalice Collectibles Exclusive! This is a must-have to complete your Naruto Funko Pop collection! 

Shipped with the Chalice Collectibles sticker (NOT the special edition one) and with mint condition guaranteed! Our packaging is some of the best in the country and there's a reason why thousands of collectors trust Pop Collectibles when they want to complete their anime collections. Join the family and purchase directly from a trusted Funko partner and retailer! 

Complete your Naruto Funko Pop collection by adding this Eight Gates Might Guy (Chalice Collectibles Exclusive) Glow-in-the-dark to your collection today!