Envy with Memory Orb

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Discover the Envy Funko Pop from Inside Out 2, an essential addition for collectors and fans of Pixar's creative exploration of emotions. This character encapsulates the feeling of jealousy with its blue-ish green hue and a slightly sullen expression, complete with narrowed eyes and a sideways glance that perfectly captures the essence of envy.

The Envy Funko Pop is meticulously crafted, featuring details that bring the emotion to life, such as its crossed arms and the envious smirk that subtly plays on its lips. When placed alongside other characters from Inside Out 2 like Joy, Sadness, and the other new emotions like Anxiety, Ennui, and Embarassment, Envy adds a dynamic and colorful layer to any Funko Pop collection!

At Pop Collectibles Canada, each Envy Funko Pop is treated with the utmost care and shipped in a 0.5mm protector to ensure it arrives in mint, collector-grade condition. Our dedication to maintaining the highest standards of quality is evident in our careful packaging and reliable Canada-wide shipping, which guarantees that your new collectible will arrive safely and securely.

Envy with Memory Orb, while often seen as a challenging emotion, is depicted with charm and personality in this collectible, making it a captivating addition to your Inside Out 2 Funko Pop collection

Funko Pop Name: Envy with Memory Orb #1449