Eren Yeager Hardened (Deluxe Special Edition Exclusive)

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A must-have Attack on Titan Funko Pop, Eren Yeager was able to achieve a hardening ability not seen in any other Titan. The iconic episode and manga chapter left strong impressions on fans and Funko has decided to release a Deluxe (larger than the normal Funko) Eren Yeager Hardened Funko Pop as a tribute to our favorite protagonist.

This Funko Pop comes in the Deluxe size, meaning that it is slightly bigger than the 4" Funko Pops and about the same size as the 6" Funko! This purchase includes a premium Deluxe Funko Pop protector for FREE, which will help protect the Funko during the shipping process. The Funko also comes with the Special Edition sticker (not the Hot Topic Exclusive) and will be shipped in mint/collector-grade condition. Pop Collectibles Canada is here to help you with this new Attack on Titan wave for Funkos and we promise that each and every Funko Pop is handled with care by our team of collectors! 

If you're looking to complete your Attack on Titan (AoT) Funko Pop collection, you'll definitely want to add this Eren Yeager Hardened Deluxe Funko Pop to your collection!