Escanor (Metallic) Chalice Collectibles Exclusive - Metallic

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Funko Pop Name: Escanor (Metallic) Chalice Collectibles Exclusive - Metallic #1346

Bask in the overwhelming might of the Lion's Sin of Pride! Introducing Escanor, the beloved giant in all his radiant glory, from the acclaimed Seven Deadly Sins series. This detailed Funko Pop rendition brilliantly captures Escanor's unmatched power, unwavering confidence, and majestic presence, making it an absolute showstopper for any Funko Pop collection. The Funko Pop features Escanor with his Divine Axe Rhitta in one hand and Cruel Sun in the other hand. Escanor is one of the first exclusives in the Seven Deadly Sins (SDS) Funko Pop line and joins other notable Sins like Meliodas, Ban, and King!

This Funko Pop will be shipped with both the Chalice Collectibles Exclusive sticker, but WILL NOT include the pre-release sticker! When you choose Pop Collectibles Canada, you're not only adding a piece to your assortment, but you're also embracing a legacy of unparalleled quality. Every Escanor figure comes with our signature FREE 0.5mm Funko Pop protector, ensuring it remains as radiant as the sun itself. With our commitment to Canada-wide shipping, no location is out of reach for our legendary service. Trust in us, as numerous collectors have, for our dedication to authenticity and the high bar we've set for ourselves.

Complete your Seven Deadly Sins Funko Pop collection by adding the formidable Escanor to your ensemble today!