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Funko Pop Name: Estarossa #1500

This Estarossa Funko Pop will be shipped sometime in March 2024 — though pre-order cancellation at Pop Collectibles Canada (unlike other retailers in Canada) are 100% refundable. Order with no risk today and just get your money back if you decide not to keep this Funko Pop!

In the second wave of Seven Deadly Sins Funko Pops, Estarossa and Zeldris are both joining the Seven Deadly Sins Funkoverse. Step into the intense world of The Seven Deadly Sins with the Estarossa Funko Pop, a must-have for fans of the series. This figure captures the essence of Estarossa, the enigmatic and powerful member of the Ten Commandments. Known for his calm demeanor that belies his immense strength and dark abilities, Estarossa is depicted in his iconic attire, showcasing his long, flowing hair and a serene yet ominous expression.

Estarossa joins characters like MerlinZeldrisDianeMeliodas with HawkPossessed Meliodas, and Gowther in the newest wave of Seven Deadly Sins Funko Pops.

The Funko Pop design highlights Estarossa's formidable presence, reflecting his complex personality and the pivotal role he plays in the series. The attention to detail, from his distinctive armor to his poised stance, perfectly encapsulates the character's duality of tranquility and latent power.

In our commitment to bringing fans and collectors the best, Pop Collectibles Canada ensures each Estarossa Funko Pop is a testament to quality. We go above and beyond by shipping each figure with an exclusive 0.5mm Funko Pop protector, free of charge, to guarantee it reaches you in pristine, collector-grade condition. Our process, combining thorough inspections and steadfast Canada-wide shipping, is tailored to deliver your collectibles with the utmost care and efficiency. With Pop Collectibles Canada, rest assured that Estarossa will arrive ready to add a compelling element of intrigue to your The Seven Deadly Sins collection. Purchase this Estarossa Funko Pop today and find out why so many collectors choose to exclusive buy from Pop Collectibles Canada.

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