Evil Inuyasha (Hot Topic Exclusive)

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Without the possession of Tessaiga, Inuyasha can enter his full-demon form to truly become Evil Inuyasha. If you're a fan of the demon berserker, you'll want to add Evil Inuyasha to your Funko Pop collection! From the anime and manga of the same name, this Hot Topic Exclusive Funko Pop! showcases Inuyasha in one of his stronger forms — but also the form without much constraint. 

This Funko Pop stands at 4-inches tall and comes in a FREE Funko Pop! protector that is built to withstand force. We care about the Funko Pop! condition, and therefore you have our guarantee that we will ship these Funkos in as mint conditions as we can. If you're a fan of Inuyasha, you're going to want to get this Hot Topic exclusive. Shop Evil Inuyasha in Canada at Pop Collectibles Canada!