Flocked Chopper (Only Flocked Sticker)

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Funko Pop Name: Flocked Chopper (Only Flocked Sticker) #99

This Flocked Chopper (Only Flocked Sticker) Funko Pop will only feature the Flocked Funko Pop sticker, NOT the special edition sticker OR the Funimation sticker. This Funko Pop is scheduled to arrive at Pop Collectibles Canada in December 2023 and is a pre-order item. Remember, pre-order cancellations are always free!

Step into the world of the Straw Hat Pirates with the delightful Chopper Funko Pop from One Piece. As the crew's lovable doctor, Chopper is captured here in all his reindeer-human hybrid glory. Wearing his iconic pink hat and carrying his doctor's bag, this figure is a tribute to Chopper's enduring charm and essential role within the One Piece universe.

This Funko Pop will feature the Flocked Funko Pop sticker and will be shipped directly from Funko and their partners — so you know it's legit. At Pop Collectibles Canada, we're committed to delivering the best. Each Chopper Funko Pop comes with a complimentary 0.5mm Funko Pop protector, ensuring its mint condition upon arrival. We're your go-to source for Canada-wide shipping, delivering quality and authenticity right to your doorstep. Every Funko Pop is manually inspected to meet our high standards, because you deserve the best.

Missed out on the original Flocked Chopper? Fear not, Pop Collectibles Canada has you covered on this 2023 reprint! Complete your One Piece Funko Pop set by adding the adorable and indispensable Chopper to your collection today!