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This Fuegoleon Funko Pop is scheduled to arrive sometime in Feb 2024 and will be shipped immediately afterwards. That being said, pre-order cancellations are ALWAYS FREE at Pop Collectibles Canada — so if you ever change your mind, just shoot us a message.

One of the last Magic Captains has finally decided to show their face in the Funkoverse and we're here for it. The fiery Fuegoleon joins the Black Clover Funkoverse in the 3rd wave of Black Clover Funko Pops.

Ignite your Black Clover collection with the Fuegoleon Funko Pop, a striking portrayal of the fiery and noble captain of the Crimson Lion Kings. This collectible captures the essence of Fuegoleon Vermillion, renowned for his powerful fire magic and his unwavering sense of justice and honor. The figure features Fuegoleon in his distinctive Crimson Lion Kings' uniform, complete with his cape and the regal aura befitting a leader of his stature.

This Magic Knight captain joins Asta with NeroJulius Novachrono, Klaus, and Mimosa in the newest wave of Black Clover Funko Pops! You're not going to want to miss out on this one.

At Pop Collectibles Canada, we are dedicated to ensuring the highest quality for your collectibles. Each Fuegoleon Funko Pop is shipped with a FREE 0.5mm protector, guaranteeing its arrival in mint, collector-grade condition. Our commitment to quality is showcased in our rigorous inspection process and reliable Canada-wide shipping, ensuring that Fuegoleon reaches you in perfect form.

Whether you're a fan of the Vermillion family or a collector seeking to expand your Black Clover Funko Pop set, this Fuegoleon figure is an essential addition. His portrayal in Funko Pop form not only adds a touch of magic and leadership to your collection but also celebrates one of the most powerful and honorable characters in the Black Clover series.