Funko Pop! Animation Naruto — Gaara

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Known to many as the Fifth Kazekage of Suna, the One-Tailed jinchuriki, and Gaara of the Desert — Gaara has always been a fan favorite in Naruto. With his tragic past and epic character development through the Naruto storyline, Gaara has captured the hearts of many.

This Gaara Funko Pop! represents the Kazekage from the anime and manga. It stands at about 10cm tall and ships with a premium 0.5mm Pop! protector. We also use a lot of bubble wrap and ensure that the Funko is protected during delivery! 

These mint Gaara Funko Pop! are a must for any Naruto fans and collectors. Be sure to check out our other Naruto Funko Pop! too! There's something for everyone.