Goku (Original)

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Goku, The defender of Planet Earth and Funkoverse! The main and original protagonist of the Dragon Ball franchise returns to the Funkoverse in his most classic attire from the Dragon Ball Z series. Born on the planet Vegeta to a race of powerful alien warriors, he was sent to Earth by his father upon discovering that the evil alien warlord, Frieza, wants to wipe out their entire civilization due to fears of the legendary Super Saiyan. On Earth, he would befriend the people and devotes himself to practicing martial arts. 

There's nothing more nostalgic than seeing Goku in his originally uniform in this new Goku Funko vinyl Pop figure! If you're looking to complete your Dragon Ball Funko collection, you'll definitely want to add this Pop to your collection. Shipped in a premium 0.5mm Funko protector and in a lot of bubble wrap!