Gray Fullbuster (FYE Exclusive)

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Just when you thought Funko Fair 2022 can't get any better... they release the new lineup of Fairy Tail Funko Pops. Among the Funko releases was Gray Fullbuster in his Ice Devil Slayer Magic form introduced in one of the final arcs of the anime and manga.

This FYE exclusive Funko vinyl figure of Gray Fullbuster features the young protagonist using Ice Devil's shiver and assuming his battle stance with the black marks engulfing his body. This Fairy Tail Funko includes the FYE exclusive sticker and is shipped in mint condition. Our staff at Pop Collectibles Canada will inspect all outgoing shipments, just so we can make sure our customers are getting collector-grade items when they arrive in the mail. This Funko is also shipped in a FREE soft protector to protect it against external damages during shipping, and we also use a lot of bubble wrap during our packing process. 

If you're looking to complete your Fairy Tail Funko Pop collection, start by buying the Ice Devil Slayer, Gray Fullbuster. We're sure that you won't regret it and we're sure that this can one day become a grail for collectors.