Grumpy Pikachu

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Funko Pop Name: Grumpy Pikachu #598

Don't make Pikachu grumpy because it will rain thunder in Funkoverse! 

We all love the most loyal and adorable Pokemon, Pikachu, and Pop Collectibles Canada is here to bring this anime to life. Pikachu is an Electric-type Pokémon introduced in Generation 1. The most iconic and recognizable Pokemon re-appears in the Funkoverse, this time... grumpy.

We are a group of collectors too and we understand how you value your Funko Pop. So in return, we are shipping this Grumpy Pikachu Funko Pop vinyl figure in mint condition and in a premium, custom-made Funko Pop! protector — FOR ABSOLUTELY FREE. This will ensure its safety and with our affordable shipping options, you will be in awe! We are loved by many and there is no time to waste, so complete your Pokemon Collection with us!