Gyomei Himejima (Hot Topic Exclusive)

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One of the only demon slayers known to not use a blade for their weapon of choice, the Stone Pillar Gyomei Himejima uses a Nichirin Spiked Flail and Axe. Although he looks like a peaceful giant towering over his peers, Gyomei has been stated to be one of the strongest Hashiras who ever lived and acts as the leader of the current generation of demon slayers. Joining our protagonists in the Funkoverse, Gyomei makes his debut as a Hot Topic exclusive Demon Slayer (Kimetsu no Yaiba) Funko Pop! 

If you're looking to complete your Funko collection, this Gyomei Hot Topic Exclusive Funko Pop vinyl figure is a must for your collection. Shipped in mint condition and a premium Funko Pop protector, we're certain that you'll fall in love with this Hashira and it'll be one of the centerpieces of your collection! Although this isn't the "crying Buddha" chase variant, we're certain that this Funko will one day be a grail for any collection.

If you're not picky about the sticker and want to get the special edition Gyomei Funko instead, be sure to check out our other listing! Save a couple of bucks where you can! 

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