Harpie Lady 1 (Chase Bundle)

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This Harpie Lady 1 (Chase Bundle) Funko Pop is a pre-order for June 2024! Pre-order cancellations are always free at Pop Collectibles Canada — the best place to get Funko Pops in Canada.

Please note that this purchase will include BOTH the common and the chase variant of Harpie Lady 1! If you're only interested in the common variation (for a much cheaper price), be sure to check out our other listing!

Elevate your Yu-Gi-Oh! collection with an extraordinary twist on a classic monster, the Harpie Lady 1 Funko Pop, featuring an exclusive special chase variant with Harpie Lady 1 donned in dazzling metallic armor. This collectible not only brings to life the agility and power of one of the duel field's most iconic monsters but also adds a rare and striking representation of Harpie Lady 1, showcasing her in a stunning metallic finish that highlights her warrior essence and the strategic prowess she brings to Harpie-themed decks.

The standard design captures Harpie Lady 1's elegant and dynamic form, ready for battle with her signature wings and combat stance. The chase variant elevates this depiction, transforming her with a metallic armor that reflects her battle-hardened spirit and the formidable presence she has on the field. This dual offering allows collectors to celebrate the versatility and enduring appeal of Harpie Lady 1 in a way that's both familiar and refreshingly new.

This unique opportunity is available at Pop Collectibles Canada, where every purchase of the Harpie Lady 1 Funko Pop comes with the chance to receive the special chase variant in metallic armor. Each figure, standard or chase, is protected with a 0.5mm Funko Pop protector, ensuring it arrives in mint, collector-grade condition. Our commitment to excellence is demonstrated through meticulous packaging and reliable Canada-wide shipping, ensuring that this symbol of elegance and power safely reaches your collection.

Complete your Yu-Gi-Oh! Funko Pop collection by adding this limited-edition Harpie Lady 1 (Chase Bundle) to your collection today!