Himawari Uzumaki (Chase Bundle)

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This Himawari Uzumaki (Chase Bundle) is scheduled to ship June 2024! Pre-order cancellations are 100% FREE at Pop Collectibles Canada — which is one of the reasons why we're the best place to get Funko Pops in Canada!

Add a spark of joy to your Boruto lineup with the Himawari Uzumaki Funko Pop Chase Bundle — which includes both the common and chase variants of the Funko Pop. A figure that beautifully encapsulates the cheerfulness and untapped potential of the younger member of the Uzumaki family. This collectible features Himawari in her signature outfit, her bright eyes and wide smile showcasing her infectious enthusiasm and the hint of formidable power that lies beneath her gentle exterior.

The following will be included as part of the chase bundle:

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For collectors that love collecting the entire line, the newest wave of Boruto Funko Pops will include Isshiki Otsutsuki, Himawari, Jigen, Kashin Koji, Mirai Sarutobi, and Shikadai Nara!

Complete your Naruto and Boruto Funko Pop collection by adding the charming Himawari Uzumaki Funko Pop to your collection today.