Kurosaki Ichigo (Bankai) AAA Anime Exclusive (Common)

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It's been years since anything was added to the Bleach anime and manga Funko Pop line and the wait is finally over. In this rumored AAA Anime Exclusive Funko Pop!, Ichigo makes another appearance but this time... in his Bankai form (Tensa Zangetsu). This AAA Anime Exclusive Bleach Funko Pop comes with a common variant and a chase variant that you can also find on our website. This purchase is for the common variant only. 

If you've been adding to the expensive Bleach Funkoverse, you're also going to want to pick up this limited edition exclusive of Ichigo Kurosaki in his Tensa Zangetsu form. This Funko Pop! stands at 10cm tall and comes with a FREE premium Funko Pop! protector during shipping to ensure no damage to the pop will be taken. Pop Collectibles Canada also ships Canada-wide in a variety of shipping options. We package with care because we're collectors too and we ship with a lot of bubble wrap and stuffing — so rest assured. 

If you're looking to add to your Bleach Funko collection, get this AAA Anime Exclusive Kurosaki Ichigo Bankai Funko Pop! today. Please note that this is the common variant only and Pop Collectibles Canada has another listing for the chase bundle.