Ichigo (with PR Barcode, NO PR Sticker) with Popshield Armor

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Funko Pop Name: Ichigo (with PR Barcode, NO PR Sticker) with Popshield Armor #59

Print code: FM151108

This original Ichigo Funko Pop includes the Pre-Release (PR) Barcode sticker, adding a unique touch to your collection. Although it does not feature the Pre-Release sticker, its rarity and significance remain unaltered, making it a valuable collectible for enthusiasts.

Please reach out for photos if you require more since this is a bigger purchase.

This is a grail for all those Bleach Funko Pop collectors. Dive into the spiritual world of Bleach with the original Ichigo Kurosaki Funko Pop. This iconic figure captures Ichigo in his classic Soul Reaper uniform, ready to defend the balance between the living and the dead. As the main protagonist of Bleach, Ichigo’s presence is essential for any fan’s collection. This Ichigo grail is the perfect Funko Pop for any fans of the Bleach series!

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Complete your Bleach Funko Pop collection by adding the original Ichigo (with PR Barcode, NO PR Sticker) with Popshield Armor to your collection today. Celebrate the legacy of one of Bleach's most iconic characters with this super rare collectible.