Inuyasha (Human Form) NYCC 2023 Fall Shared Convention Exclusive

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This Inuyasha (Human Form) NYCC 2023 Fall Convention Exclusive Funko Pop is a pre-order item for mid-November 2023! However, do remember that pre-order cancellations at Pop Collectibles Canada are always FREE! This is why we're one of the best places to get Inuyasha Funko Pops in Canada — so what are you waiting for?

Venture into the mystical realm of feudal Japan with the Inuyasha in Human Form Funko Pop! This NYCC 2023 Fall Convention Exclusive Funko Pop is a must-have for fans trying to complete their Inuyasha collection. Inuyasha joins his Funkoverse once again, and this time, in his weakest form.

Every blue moon, the formidable half-demon we've come to love undergoes a transformation, revealing his vulnerable human side, and this Funko Pop captures that rare moment exquisitely. Adorned in his iconic red robe, with long black hair contrasting against his softened features, this figure evokes the deeper complexities and internal struggles of Inuyasha's character.

This Inuyasha Funko Pop will be shipped with the limited-edition NYCC 2023 Fall Convention Exclusive sticker. Every Funko Pop purchased from us is protected in our complimentary 0.5mm Funko Pop protector from Vaulted Vinyl, and with this, you can be sure that your Inuyasha will reach you in mint condition. Experience seamless Canada-wide shipping and trust in our team's manual inspection process, which guarantees only the finest quality for our fellow collectors. Buy this Inuyasha Funko Pop today and discover why so many collectors choose to purchase from Pop Collectibles Canada.

Complete your Inuyasha Funko Pop collection by welcoming this rare human-form iteration of our beloved half-demon hero today!